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Portable Smart Mini Power Station

Completely Refresh

Brilliant Start

Speed Up more Than 200%

Only For The Common Similar 13

7 Output Modes Power

12 Devices At The Same Time

α-Bloom IntelligentInverter System

3 times the inverter output power,

1 unit is more powerful than3 Competing units

AEEC Patented Fastcharging Technology 

Fully Charge In 70 Mins

0-80% In 45 Mins

Te-BMS BatteryManagementSystem

Monitoring, protection, 

 balance and early warning toensure electricity safety

Hurrah For Freedom

Coverage For 

 Multiple People

Multiple needs are met by one machine

Pure Sine Wave AC Output, 

 Stable Waveform Without Damage

Humanized design,

 considerate and better to use

What's in the Box